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Transforming Aerial Excellence: ArmE - Where Safety Meets Precision!

Welcome to the future of aerial performance with ArmE series, a ground-breaking Hybrid VTOL Drone powered by advanced AI technology. ArmE series revolutionizes energy infrastructure inspection, large-scale mapping via data collection, enhancing safety, efficiency and reliability across industries.

Key Specification

  • Weight Capacity : 5 Kg
  • Flight Time : 120 minute
  • GPS: Dual GPS
  • Connectivity : 5G Enabled module with WiFi
  • Range: 50 Km

Key Features

Hybrid VTOL Design:

ArmE combines the best of fixed-wing and multirotor designs, offering unparalleled versatility and manoeuvrability in aerial operations.

AI-Based Technology:

Equipped with cutting-edge AI algorithms, ArmE intelligently analyses data in real-time, providing actionable insights for energy infrastructure inspection and mapping projects.

Enhanced Safety

With precise object detection and anomaly identification capabilities, Spectra-90 ensures safe and reliable operations, even in challenging environments.

Efficient Data Collection

Spectra-90 optimizes workflows by streamlining data collection processes, enabling faster decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Global Impact

By improving the reliability and safety of global energy infrastructure, Spectra-90 contributes to sustainability efforts and drives positive environmental impact.


Energy Infrastructure Inspection

ArmE enhances safety and efficiency in inspecting power grids, oil rigs, refineries, and pipelines.

Large-Scale Mapping

Utilize ArmE for precise mapping and data collection in agriculture, construction, urban planning, and environmental monitoring.

Disaster Response

ArmE aids in disaster response efforts by providing real-time aerial assessments and situational awareness


Unparalleled Aerial Performance

ArmE Hybrid VTOL design delivers unmatched performance in aerial operations.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency

AI-based technology ensures safe, reliable, and efficient data collection and inspection tasks.

Cost-Effective Solutions

ArmE optimizes workflows, reducing operational costs and improving project outcomes.

Global Impact

By improving energy infrastructure reliability, ArmE contributes to sustainability and safety initiatives globally.

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