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ArmF: Redefining Aerial Cinematography in Rugged Environments

Welcome to ArmF, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled aerial performance. Our FPV drones are designed to revolutionize your flying experience, offering a blend of precision, speed and innovation that sets ArmF apart from the rest.

Key Features

Ultra-Fast Response Time

ArmF drones deliver lightning-fast response times, ensuring agile and smooth manoeuvrability in every flight.

4K HD Camera

Capture stunning aerial footage with ArmF's high-definition camera, providing crystal-clear imagery and videos.

Advanced Stability System

Our drones are equipped with an advanced stability system, guaranteeing steady flights even in challenging weather conditions for reliable performance.

Extended Flight Time

Spectra-90 optimizes workflows by streamlining data collection processes, enabling faster decision-making and improved project outcomes.


Film and cinematography

ArmF FPV drones capture cinematic shots from unique angles, enhancing storytelling and visual appeal in movies and videos.

Surveillance and security

These drones provide aerial surveillance, monitoring, and security checks in various environments, enhancing situational awareness.

Mapping and surveying

ArmF FPV drones create detailed maps, conduct topographic surveys, and gather geospatial data accurately and quickly.

Environmental monitoring

They monitor ecosystems, wildlife, and natural resources, helping in conservation efforts and studying environmental changes.

Infrastructure inspection

They inspect infrastructure such as bridges, power lines, and buildings, detecting defects or damages for maintenance and safety purposes.

Precision agriculture

ArmF FPV drones optimize crop management by assessing plant health, monitoring fields, and applying targeted treatments for increased productivity.

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