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Welcome to Krishi Drone: Revolutionizing Agriculture with Drone and AI Integration.

Our Krishi Drone redefines agricultural practices with cutting-edge technology, integrating AI and machine vision for unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our drone services empower farmers with real-time crop monitoring, early issue detection, and data-driven insights, revolutionizing farming productivity and sustainability. Experience the future of agriculture with Krishi Drone's innovative solutions, designed to optimize yields and minimize costs, ensuring a brighter and more prosperous farming landscape.

Key Features

Collisions Avoidance

ArmE combines the best of fixed-wing and multirotor designs, offering unparalleled versatility and manoeuvrability in aerial operations.

Flight Path Planning

Equipped with cutting-edge AI algorithms, ArmE intelligently analyses data in real-time, providing actionable insights for energy infrastructure inspection and mapping projects.

Wifi Connectivity

With precise object detection and anomaly identification capabilities, Spectra-90 ensures safe and reliable operations, even in challenging environments.

Precision Spraying

Spectra-90 optimizes workflows by streamlining data collection processes, enabling faster decision-making and improved project outcomes.

Return Home Feature

By improving the reliability and safety of global energy infrastructure, Spectra-90 contributes to sustainability efforts and drives positive environmental impact.

Why Choose Krishi Drones

Affordable and accessible technology tailored for Indian farmers.

ArmE Hybrid VTOL design delivers unmatched performance in aerial operations.

Integration with AI and machine vision for enhanced crop insights.

AI-based technology ensures safe, reliable, and efficient data collection and inspection tasks.

Continuous support and training to maximize the benefits of drone technology.

AI-based technology ensures safe, reliable, and efficient data collection and inspection tasks.

Reliable performance, reducing risks and maximizing yields.

ArmE optimizes workflows, reducing operational costs and improving project outcomes.

Time-saving solutions that streamline farming operations.

By improving energy infrastructure reliability, ArmE contributes to sustainability and safety initiatives globally.

Elevate Your Farming with Krishi Drone's Advanced Agriculture Solutions!

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